Parallel Profits – MEMBERS FANSITE (Review) (UNOFFICIAL)

Parallel Profits is Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton’s new I.M. program for 2019.

Here we’re trying to put together a collective review and a future group of fans & members who can help each other along the way.

Parallel Profits unofficial site

Here’s an early overview of Parallel Profits:

The main idea behind Parallel Profits is earning local businesses as clients and, without having to do a lot yourself, be part of a franchise that could help you earn a decent living online.

All the training will be presented to you as well so you can do this on your own if you want, but the opportunity to work with them, copy their business model and make use of their experience is there. Update! Check out this review of their new ecommerce program called The Kibo Code.

Local businesses are hungry! Internet Marketing hasn’t yet reached many of them, specially in countries outside the US, and the demand to appear online and in the social networks is gigantic. Selling simple services to them is the key and one of the easiest ways to produce an income online nowadays.

All of this working from home!


  • You don’t need to create a brand, domain or website if you don’t want,
  • You don’t need copywriting skills or complicated marketing materials,
  • You don’t need to perform or outsource the services you’ll be providing,


Because there’s an entire team set up for you. It’s the best business model of all:

A franchise!

Actually, one funded and run by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, well known for past successes in the industry.

Internet marketing

All the processes and lead generation systems are already there for you.

Many updates and more info coming to this Parallel Profits review.

Actually this force coincided with gains in the stock and bond markets, or alternative biz models, with the MSCI ALL Country World Equity index Rising 4.0% and the bond yields going down in the main regions throughout the quarter.

List of previous program launches: Blueprint Academy (2016), The 100k Factory (2017), and The 7 Figure Cycle (2018)… It’s easily researchable that none of those let their members down or became an outright scam.

Entrepreneurs: The obstacle course of new entrepreneurs, who risked, missed and made the experience and added value. Working from home isn’t easy and there are also problems that other types of jobs have as well.

Scholarship: Martifer will enter the capital market in March, CriticalSoft intends to inaugurate software that discusses eventual access to the scholarship.

GHT only needs to be able to appoint the Media manager so that, in the light of competition law, it has exclusive control of the company, it clarified the source of the management of GHT to the journal.

The company is accused of only supporting large countries to secure second term. Online reviews on this topic will always help you know who you should follow or not.

Parallel profits

Investor’s Guide. With the price of oil and the residential market threatening the economy, the magazine proposes ten good titles that can still rise.

Where to invest in 2019. The secrets of French luxury. The French product dominates the high-end products. Survey on the winning strategies of a ultra-rentável sector.

A bit off-topic… The new year returns not to bring good news for those who have loans to housing. The expectation of new interest increases on the part of the bank leads the specialists to predict the continuation of the rates rising at 2000.

We know that those who are not on the Internet today do not exist, but it is important to be doing well. Online Marketing? – Its major specialty.

The pros AND cons

The great advantage of online marketing regarding “traditional” marketing is analytics: Everything is measurable, everything is evaluatable. It is possible to know the return of the investment made in a precise way.

In addition, it is possible to know at all times what movements are making your competitors and thus have instant response capacity thanks to this Parallel Profits review. No verdict yet, though.

You may already have a website or you plan to hae one, however, a website will not bring you what you are looking for without a strategy of promotion and positioning that will allow you to generate new visits and therefore attract new customers.

Online marketing is the best way to generate business for your brand or company, because it makes you visible to new customers with a cost-benefit relationship that does not provide traditional media.

Aidan Booth system

These guys have done major launches throughout previous years, so this is set to be their biggest of all!

Here you will find the keys to multiply your audience, the most effective techniques to monetize your traffic, and the necessary motivation to achieve any objective that you propose within the Parallel Profits program.

At TDF we want to be your particular GPS to always advance in the most profitable way. We aspire to join your online marketing department via outsourcing, while working with your business team to align your expectations with our results.

You have got to learn from experienced marketers! and not anybody with a year old website.

In the podcast of the Digital Marketing Academy you will learn (among other things) to:

  • choose a theme for your business on the Internet,
  • assess market niches,
  • analyze competition,
  • create viral content and high added value,
  • generate Internet traffic using SEO and social networks,
  • interact with your audience through e-mail marketing,
  • scale your business through outsourcing,
  • create passive income and various digital marketing techniques including sponsorships and sales of content to generate sustainable and recurrent income.

Here you will also find the mental keys to be more effective in your business. And the motivation to persevere until you meet your goal…

Parallel Profits my review

A bit more info

Attract visits: In this phase the positioning of the search engines is essential. It is useful to combine SEM and SEO strategies, as well as the use of publicity banners, email marketing campaigns and social networks. Your opinion is important!

Many ways to do it, and like we said before, it’s all done for you to join, but it’s still important for you to know how these things work so you don’t fall for scams… which are fairly common in this industry.

The idea is to generate visits, which is commonly referred to as traffic. But any kind of visitation. Thanks to the strategies available at market, online marketing agencies can generate qualified traffic that are potential customers with a real interest in our product or service.

Whether there are scam claims or not, whether there is a cheaper option (bonus and discount) out there, or a better price / cost… this is going to work regardless, as long as you put in the work. No pdfs or free downloads to be seen. They’re not necessary anyway. Just take notes…

Program's updates

In addition, this type of professionals are able to measure the real impact of the Parallel Profit strategies implemented by means of indicators or metrics aligned  with the online marketing plan.

A free book and a mindmap were also shown to future members of this upcoming oppportunity. There’s only very little time left until they open the doors, but hurry up, this methodology will only be available for 9 days. Not even their own search engine marketing lasted this little. I hope you will have registered for the workshops / webinars by then. The entry price is not cheap but it’s well worth it in my humble opinion.

Aidan introducing you to the system

There’s opportunity to compound profits with this model… local businesses are HUNGRY for services of this nature that will get them some Internet exposure. If you’ve gone through their training materials, you know what kind of potential I’m talking about. That’s all found in their 3-step blueprint to a 100k business, and the aforementioned mindmap (which is like an infographic basically).

So, what are you waiting to sign up to the early-bird list?


So everything’s going well for 2019…

The period also saw an improvement in the valuation of local biz in online markets, with workers remaining confident about the prospects for improvements in the fundamental conditions of the industry… given the demand and dynamic opportunities always popping up.

The title says it: If you want to succeed in Internet marketing you have to read too. It is not a book in particular, no, succeeding in this niche gives you the right tools for your journey.

Did you know that more than 90% of Internet users are discharged in at least one social network? And that 7 out of 10 are users of at least three social platforms? Not bad, huh? The problem is that, most users of social media do not know how to optimize the management of social media to achieve all their objectives. That’s why we made this review.


Last Updated on January 25th, 2019.

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