Parallel Profits + Aidan Booth… genuine?! Does P.P. work or not?

Let’s talk a bit about the authors of P.P. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton while going over the history and purpose of online marketing, particularly “local” oriented.

Local SEO for businesses is something that has been talked much about the last few years. With Google listing local businesses in the organic search results when someone is googling for services in particular, it has become important to be seen there too.

It may not be enough for a top ranking in the normal search results, if the competitors are listed along with a map and a clickable phone number already on Google.

Parallel Profitz!


Your site needs to have content that responds to the viewfinder’s intention and it needs to be presented in a way that Google is capable of interpreting it. That’s where Parallel Profits comes into play. It is not enough for Google to be able to read the content.

The text, images and technology need to be such that the search engine experiences the content as the most relevant in the segment. Well written text that solves a problem for the visitor is the core but other parts like having the right product at the right price are also important

Aidan Booth Parallel profits 

… here’s Aidan Booth‘s blog by the way! …

AdWords can be very costly and ineffective if you don’t work right. Expensive visits and irrelevant advertisements that do not lead to anything sensible can be devastating.

Therefore, account structure, bidding strategies, clear goals and follow-up are essential when investing money in this advertisement. Working with competent and Google-certified consultants can thus be time-saving, more efficient and less costly.

Parallel Profits Aidan Booth
Parallel Profits Aidan Booth

Local SEO is the optimization of your own entire website for local searches. These can be queries with a unique local term, such as XYZ Computer Workshop On the other hand, these can also be generic search terms, where Google detects a local search intention.

An example of this would be the search for ‘italian restaurant’. There is usually a desire to find a restaurant in the area.

For example, if Google recognizes the location of the user based on the IP or the logged in Google profile, then in this case it also plays out local search results.

As an example, I simply searched for one without adding a specific city or place. Here, it recognizes the location and plays out the results from the map.

steve clayton & UPDATES

With Code Venice, Google rolled out an update on local ranking factors in February 2012 that led to classic ranking factors being more closely included in the local ranking of search results since then.

As part of the update, automatic location recognition was improved, among other things. This can also lead to localized search results, even generic searches without being local, based on the user’s location.

So, these guys’ track record is very credible. They used the same methods back in The 100k Factory days.

At least 48 million people travel regularly on the net. Some even estimate the number at 77 million -speaking Internet users. According to him, that is 44 percent of the population.

Online biz marketing

However, the study measures only from a minimum age of 18. However, as the age of entry continues to fall, the real number is probably more than 40 million… a gigantic advertising audience for digital marketers.

Digital marketing includes a variety of tactics and materials: from your website to online materials for branding, digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures and much more. The best digital marketers have a good understanding of which materials or tactics are best suited to any goal set.

The percentage of Internet users in here would be even higher if older generations also used new media to a similar extent to the younger generation. Excluding the over-70s from the study results in 80 per cent internet coverage.

The use of DM

With digital marketing (DM for short), companies pursue the goal of attracting new customers. Online advertising and interactive digital touchpoints attract the attention of prospective customers.

Through differentiation and strategic positioning, the company builds trust and commitment online:

  1. Social media marketing is used to connect digitally with the interested party.
  2. High quality content in content marketing is distributed on demand with inbound marketing to gain leads.

If you go search for a suitable course of study, you may be surprised at the plenty of offers from universities. If you only look for the term online marketing, you can quickly say that there are virtually no courses in the field not coming old-school institutions. Don’t panic, this impression is deceptive!

Local SEO

Admittedly, the offer is much smaller than with established subjects such as business or classical marketing studies…  but those interested in studying still have a sizeable chunk of options.

Within courses such as multimedia marketing or mobile marketing, there is sometimes an exciting online-marketing course! 

Wrapping up

The key difference from traditional marketing is the significantly better measurability of the measures and the ability to control rebooted campaigns.

That’s why Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have had success for the past decade: Their audience and how they cultivate it. They’re going to do it again with Parallel Profits, that’s for sure.

SEM consists of search engine ads, also known as keyword advertising and Search Engine Optimization. SEO deals with the organic search results, while FUI are the paid text ads in search engines.

As a result, a well known statement by Henry Ford is losing importance in the world of online marketing:

50 per cent of advertising spending is money thrown out. The only question is what 50 percent. 

Each landing page should meet the user’s expectations from the advertising message conveyed to him and should only reflect content and information previously offered to the user in the search engine or advertising materials.

Last updated on January 12th, 2019.


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