SEO for Local Businesses: How to Hire the Best Services (+ Its History)

Local SEO is a set of techniques aimed at increasing the visibility of a Web page in the search for information relevant to users according to the current geographical location of the same.

And this geographic proximity factor to the user who looks for us, can be favored, taking into account what a role does Google maps play in all of this.

I was already missing writing a post about SEO, you know me and you know that is one of my passion. After spending years doing this, the local SEO is an outstanding subject for the online success of many businesses.

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I often try to position a project on Google around all France and not realize that the SEO applied to a particular locality is a must for much of local biz. It’s not easy in many occasions to get in the first few results of Google, at all… so let’s see.


Without a doubt, the greatest benefit of online marketing compared to the traditional business type is traceability; That is to say, to provide the ability to know everything about the advertising campaign and how it is being developed, being an option that the offline or traditional market simply does not have.

Well, the first thing you have to do is register in the directory of Google companies, called Google Business.

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The process is very simple. Just enter the tool and register your business. Some users may have already registered it, but do not panic. Whether you are or not, you will have to verify that you are the owner.

Google shows in the first place those results that are better positioned for the city where you are. Therefore, optimizing your website to achieve a good local positioning is a basic thing that you must carry out in your digital strategy. This is a great article on this topic.


The main benefit: increasing potential customers. Local positioning can greatly bring you closer to potential customers who are located in your geographic area.

In addition, it would not be a bad idea to promote your business in this sense, you could do advertising campaigns on Facebook ads, as it also allows you to focus on a very localized area of influence.

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Unlike the traditional SEO, whose intent is to place a site at national or international level – as for ecommerce sites, the Local SEO is aimed at obtaining organic visibility in a surrounding geographic area.

Local search is achieving particular success thanks also to the widespread diffusion of smartphones and searches carried out by these mobile devices.


  • According to a certain article, in Google U.S. in fact, mobile searches with the keyword “Near Me” have duplicated compared tp the previous year.
  • Huming the placement of your site on Google and other search engines is easy, just place an order and put in the cart links to your site and a list of 18 key keywords to push.
  • One of our SEO esterts will reconnect you via phone or by mail within half a day and will start promoting.

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The results pages are not all the same, but they change completely depending on the location set or automatically detected by the smartphone when we search.

It simply contains all the relevant information for a company, such as the address, number,site, location on Google Maps and opening times.

Microenterprises represent the vast majority of the European economic fabric and Google is showing obvious interest in order to be indispensable for them as well.

When we talk about local marketing is obvious the reference to mobile.

Despite the fact that Local SEO is a sector in strong growth, especially for activities related to tourism and catering, very often companies accustomed to invest in activities of classic marketing are still reluctant because they do not see good the increases in expenses for actions whose returns do not seem (and often are not) so “immediate”.

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