Traffic Ivy REVIEW + Bottom line: Does it work or not?

With today’s Traffic Ivy review, we’ll explore the best ways to generate traffic to your blog or site, and what are the tools at your disposal. You have to know, however, that earning with a website is not as simple as it seems and getting good long-term gains requires consistency.

Having 5000 daily visitors, which do not materialize in anything means nothing and doesn’t let you help your clients. That comes with a very precise end and a valid reason.

generate online traffic

We need a distinction now, because we talked to SMEs, corporations, companies that we don’t just need to figure out what it means to generate traffic on a website, but we have to clear what it means to generate quality web traffic in a site.

Further details

In this guide, I will not only provide you with valuable information and strategies for making statistics available on Google Analytics, but you’ll have the best network tools to get and measure your results.

The images must be engaging and help users to better understand the text, are useful to increase the “engagement” of your readers and are also useful for SEO (for Beginners: Optimization for search engines).

Traffic IVY Review

Off your salary, you only have to choose the monetization solution that you think best suits your website, such as advertising banners and affiliate programs, and implement it the right way .

Pat is among the most famous podcasters in the world that in 2017 has earned thanks to his blog more than 2 million dollars. And how he managed it is not at all a secret since every month publishes on his blog “x the economic review” reports of his online activity that anyone can consult.

But in this case it is not accurate: we have already said that all the bloggers that I spoke to you know both do and teach. Traffic Ivy is no different…

Careful with blackhat seo

And it can even become dangerous for your website if Google detects a brutal increase of links pointing to your website, or if 99% of the links that point to your website are English-speaking web when your website is in Spanish , or comes from IP known for spam problems.

Seo and Parallel Profits

A bidirectional link, or reciprocal, hardly has value in the Google algorithm.

If you do, do it for love, with your friends. Do not pursue pro-actively exchange links with third parties you barely know. That’s why we made this review… to teach AND alert.

Paid advertising is the fastest way to get web traffic, but also the most ephemeral, because at the time the investment is over, the flow of visits is over. That’s why Traffic Ivy is not centered around this type of traffic.

In addition, this advertising does not improve the positioning of the website, but the ads. When you’re starting out it can be a good way to get fast web traffic and enjoy virtually immediate visibility.

Why optimize the CTR can increase web traffic? It is basic, to higher CTR in your results more visits to your website. On the other hand, the CTR is a very important factor in the Web positioning, and if improvements on this side, you will be able to get even more traffic.

Seo for dummies

In fact, with the arrival of the Panda and considering that more and more Google’s algorithm is more sophisticated, now there are SEO experts who claim that if people are doing a Google search and most of them do not stay on your website when they arrive here, Google lowers your position because the experience of users shows that your site is not correct for what they are looking for.

The power of the social networks to send traffic

Having the “share” to share in the different social networks your content in your online store, or the content that you publish in your blog, is a positive factor to improve your organic positioning and generate more free traffic.

Another way to take advantage of Facebook is to create a page of your brand (ie the brand of your blog). From that page you can link directly to your Traffic Ivy blog, and then you can post your different content on the Facebook page.

Free traffic online
Traffic Ivy is about to be released

Omo mentioned in the previous point, social networks can help you generate traffic. In addition to the publications you do actively, it is important that users can share both your website and the publications of your blog with ease.

The most effective way to achieve this is to install the sharing buttons that provide social networks, such as the Like button, the tweeter and the + 1.

One of the great advantages of having a list of subscribers is that it allows you to generate traffic automatically to any page that you choose, for instance, one you built as you went through¬†Traffic Ivy’s training.

The video marketing is not only the option that more conversions produces on the Internet but is also very useful as a source of free traffic.

Social networks and review blogs complement each other beautifully. It is a mutually beneficial relationship: blogs win buzz thanks to social networks and social networks are nurtured in much of the content of blogs.


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